Support & Development

A key function of the Friends is the provision of financial support for the Gallery.  In the immediate past, fundraising has concentrated on trying to bridge the gap between the total needed to complete the Gallery Development Project and the amount contributed by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the London Borough of Waltham Forest.  We are extremely grateful to the many individuals who made Project-related donations, as well as the Trusts and Foundations that awarded grants.

With the reopening of the Gallery in August 2012, the Project has reached its conclusion, but the need for financial support remains, principally in order to enable the Gallery add to its collection when suitable objects become available.  Items the Friends have helped purchase over the years include:

  • Amor and Alcestis Panel (1990)
  • Cinderella Tiles (1992)
  • Rossetti Stained Glass Panels (1994)
  • Praising Angel Panel (1994)
  • Labours of the Month Tiles (1995)
  • Minstrel Stained Glass Panels (1997)
  • Early Morris Embroideries (1997)
  • Voysey Panels (2001)
  • Ashbee Bowl (2002)
  • Powdered Wallpaper (2003)
  • Peacock & Vine (2004)
  • Lethaby Design and Relief (2005)
  • Candlestick (2005)
  • Tile Panel (2006)
  • Embroidery Archive (2010)
  • De Morgan Tiles (2010)
  • Damascan Fritware Tile (2012)
  • Honeysuckle Embroidery (2013)

Support of the Gallery has been provided by the Friends in a number of other ways, including financial assistance towards the restoration of the Rounton Grange Embroideries.

These contributions have been possible partly as a result of legacies received by the Friends and partly through the accumulation of reserves.  As a result of digging deep to support the Project (where the Friends contributed £10,000 and paid for fund-raising costs) and the Honeysuckle Embroidery (a further £10,000), the Friends resources, while perfectly adequate for normal operations, have been reduced to a level at which the Committee is much more restricted in the level of support that it is able to provide.  One measure that is under consideration is an increase in subscription levels, unchanged since the Friends were created in 1988 and low in relation to comparable organisations.  However, this needs to be complemented by voluntary contributions.  We would ask our members to consider supporting us in one of the following ways:

  • Leaving a legacy to the Friends.
  • Amending standing  orders to include or increase a donation on top of the annual subscription
  • Making a one-off donation

One-off donations can be made in a variety of ways.

  • By sending a cheque to the Hon Treasurer.
  • By donating via Paypal – please click on the button at the foot of the page.
  • By BACS transfer to the Friends of the William Morris Gallery account (Lloyds TSB Walthamstow, clearing code 309908 account 00061590)
  • For amounts of £10 or less by JustTextGiving  (Text FWMG11 followed by a £ sign and the amount to be donated to 70070)

For further information about legacies and donations please contact:
Andrea Hall, Hon Treasurer
37 Bemsted  Road, London E17 5JY

Telephone: 020 8531 4663

E-mail Andrea Hall