Just one example of a local fundraising initiative for the Gallery Development Project

Shoalin Gung Fu, Walthamstow

Tai Chi raises money for the Gallery Development Project

Shaolin Gongfu City in Walthamstow, London raised £158 through Tai Chi on 19 November 2011 at their annual grading event, and have donated this to the William Morris Gallery Development Project. Shaolin Gongfu City is a local group passionate about the ancient Chinese art of Tai Chi and Shaolin Kungfu and how they can help the local community through their art. The organiser Aileen says “you can help raise money through any activity that you are engaging with – every little does help. Ours is a good example as we only ‘piggy-backed’ this fundraising activity on our annual grading event. It could be easily done and extremely rewarding.”

Shaolin Gongfu City is specialised in involving parents and children getting fit and having fun together through hard training of Tai Chi and Shaolin Kungfu. They run regular workshops for the local community to help fundraise great local projects such as the Gallery Development Project.

For more info on the group please see their website.

If you would like to help raise money towards the Gallery Development Project, please see our Support page.

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