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Love is Enough: William Morris and Andy Warhol

07/02/2015, 07:46

Exhibition Review: Birmingham Museum and Gallery, until 6th September 2015 ‘I don’t think art should be for a select few – I think it should be for the mass of people.’ ‘Whenever people in civilisations get degenerate and materialistic they always point to their outward beauty and riches.’ Both these statements were made by Andy […]

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Tangled Yarns

12/03/2014, 19:41

Tangled Yarns Alke Shmidt William Morris Gallery, Walthamstow, East London until 25 February 2015 Recent tragedies in Southern Asian garment factories, claiming over 1,500 workers’ lives, enraged many western consumers and raised questions about where our clothing comes from. In 2012, fires in Pakistan and Bangladesh took over 400 workers’ lives. Then in 2013, 1,138 […]

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Anarchy & Beauty

10/21/2014, 17:19

William Morris and his legacy, 1860-1960 National Portrait Gallery At the centre of his understanding of art, William Morris saw an inseparable connection between the imagination of the worker and his or her labour. This was not seen in an abstract way of making art objects to place in galleries or hang on rich people’s […]

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The story of the William Morris Gallery

08/31/2012, 16:45

“Fellowship is life, and lack of fellowship is death”. These words of William Morris, the motto of the London Borough of Waltham Forest, greet you as you look up at Walthamstow Assembly Hall. They reflect the importance which has long been attached to the great 19th century artist, craftsman, author and poet in the borough […]

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Development Project & Fundraising Update

12/07/2011, 10:01
Current View of the exterior of William Morris Gallery

William Morris Gallery Development Project Update The Project is going well and the extension is starting to take shape. So far the new basement, which will house a collections store, has been dug out and the concrete slab laid. In the main Gallery building, the first mechanical and electrical fix is underway. The Moule Partnership […]

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£1.5m cash boost for gallery

09/29/2010, 19:38

This Heritage Lottery Fund award – matched by £1.5m from Waltham Forest Council – will go towards a refurbishment and extension of the much-loved building, providing more exhibition space, a new tearoom, a learning centre with school space, library and meeting room, all of which should serve to bring the Gallery’s collections to life and […]

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